“Designed by T38studio, CASA UNO is an architectural experiment in co-habitation and community and one the first from-the-ground-up communities of its kind anywhere. it occupies all sorts of liminal spaces, with a super diverse group of residents, as a new typology for living, as a basecamp for people working on both sides of north america’s definitive border town, and as a very conspicuous, outward-facing and porous work of in-progress architecture in a neighborhood mostly full of walled in, gated single family homes. it’s also a totem of the Tijuana Americans rarely bother to see – dynamic, young, artistic, worldly, convivial – because they usually only think about it as a less-than, a slum, a place behind the wall where you can get drunk on the cheap. Casa Uno’s residents share meals, help each other out with errands and pet care and other domestic stuff, and screen and discuss films.” 


“Its neighborhood, very close to thriving downtown, is one of the city’s most exclusive residential areas. Quoting Alfonso Medina and Joseph Ruiz from T38 studio, Casa Uno “provides a highly affordable solution for contemporary living, and it challenges notions about the privilege of privacy and the need for collectivity in the modern world”. It is basically a multi-level co-living building, which hosts within it reinforced concrete structure a group private dwellings, modular and of different sizes, as well as a series of common pavilions.”




The studio typology was designed for 1 or 2 humans and maybe one or two furry ones. In 36 m**387 sqf, you have acces to a small kitchen, a bathroom and a closet. And Its equipped with a magentic induction stove, a refrigerator. Perfect for independant souls. Members have acces to common areas like, laundry room, roof terrace, exterior reading lounges.  No kids allowed, but your furry ones more than welcome.


These co-living units were made for 1 human. The private room belongs to a 4 bedroom apartment. Every room has its own bathroom and closet. They share a common area, as a high-end kitchen, a dining table, and a living room. Perfect for people you are willing to share living space. Members have acces to common areas like, laundry room, roof terrace, exterior reading lounges. No kids allowed, but your furry ones more than welcome. 

If you believe that we as humans have the necessity of being part of a community that flourishes us, that helps us be better, come live with us!


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Umani Living is a real estate developer in the border city of Tijuana, Mexico. Its main focus is to bring together thriving creatives in daily activites while offering affordable housing.